We Always make the effort to do our best in realizing the objectives of the company (Realize). ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

About Us // Vision and Mission


  1. Become a leading company in supply and distribution of fuel oil industry
  2. Become a reliable company and maintain the satisfaction of business partners
  3. Become a company that continually developed towards the future and creates job vacancies in the line with the progress of the economic activity


  1. Participating in the stock of fuel oil activity and distribution to support the economic movement
  2. Performing services for business partners regarding distribution of fuel oil industry with professional management towards the satisfaction of business partners
  3. Performing synergy business and develop with business partner

Each director and employee of the PT Moto Energy shall share the following group values and act accordingly :

Integrity To carry out the work in good faith under his or her own responsibility.
To focus on maintaining transparency and accountability in the course of performing all work duties.
Creativity To create new values in cooperation with our clients or by ourselves by applying our wisdom and creativity to the greatest extent.
To attempt to create changes without adhering to past experiences.
Diversity To respect the individuality and personality of each person as well as the culture and customs of each country and region.
To respond to the variety of work and tasks in a flexible manner while viewing them from different angles.
Learning To acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge with an enterprising spirit.
To continuously pay attention to national and international technological and economic trends and to attempt to grasp the essentials of such trends.
Team To achieve high performance through team play with our clients and partners as well as within our Group.
To respect the standpoint of other persons and to share information about knowledge and tasks.